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I'm Kelly! My husband Bob and I opened our historic home in Trenton, Tennessee to share our enjoyment of afternoon tea in the British tradition with the public. 

Don't just take it from me, follow the advice of one of our former guests, who says,

About Us

"Take a drive back in time, British style. Shut off your cell phones and reconnect with your family over a cup of tea."


(Facebook review from Tianna)

“My visit with my mom was excellent! We sat in front of the mantle that dated back to Civil War times. Oh, and the Irish Fruit Cake is the best I ever had!"


 - Rebekah

My family and I were in Trenton house hunting. We stopped here and had a lovely cup of tea with Kelly and her husband Bob.  I had cream in my tea for the first time, and it was amazing.  Their home is lovely. My family and I enjoyed relaxing, sipping tea, and munching on crackers."


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